“Salman and his team at Saltech created various websites for our different entities at the Learned Group; that help cross sell our products. He and his company have also helped solve various issues related to our server and email components. He has always proven to be very helpful to our needs, and the knowledge that he brings to the table has been invaluable to our daily work enviroment. Beyond that Salman becomes a good friend to know. Thanks Salman!”

Steven Vorm, Realtor/Broker
Learned Realty

Client Name: Learned Group
Industry: Law, Tax, Real Estate, Mortgage
Website: www.learnedlaw.com

Affordable Hosting.

You can rest easy knowing  your site is secure on one of our servers. We are able to host everything for you on our secure servers at an affordable cost.

  At Saltech Systems we have a very reliable server room that we offer to house your sites. Because we house the servers here, we take care of them. There is never any need for stress when it comes to maintaining your servers. We have provided the necessary back ups just incase somethere were ever to go wrong.

So after creating the site and launching it, all you have to worry about is any content updates it may need.

With our different hosting plans you are sure to find one that fits your needs and budget.




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