What is a CMS?
A content management system is a software system that assists users with organization, control, editing, and publication of large amounts of content, including documents, images, multimedia files, websites, and e-mail.

Why use a CMS?
Valuable time is often lost hunting for a certain document in an ocean of outdated and unorganized files, or trying to overcome technical issues often associated with website development and management.  A content management system organizes these time consuming aspects of business.

Is it too late to begin using a CMS for an older business?
Whether your business is just starting or has been around for decades, Saltech CMS will make all the gears fit.  We implement a system that is custom tailored for your business’s individual needs.

Is it worth the price?
At a monthly rate starting at $34.95 the CMS only needs to eliminate a couple hours of wasted time a month in order to pay for itself, after that it’s all profit.

Why Saltech?
We offer competitive prices, continuing service and support, and each member of our team is trained specifically in their area of expertise to create the best solution for your business.

How do I sign up?
Simply fill out contact form on the “Contact & Sign Up” page, we will get back to you as quickly as possible with further information.


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